The Story of E-Z Reach Roulette

From Our Inventor:


The year was 2010 and I was in Las Vegas for my Daughters’ Wedding. I came in late to town with my wife. She wanted to play in the casino, I was too tired to play. I know how difficult it is to win when you are alert, so I had the discipline to stop myself. I told my wife I would just walk around and watch the action. After a while I found myself at one of the roulette tables. There was a Grandmotherly woman sitting at the far end of the table. I saw she was betting $30 a hand. It was the way she laid her bet down, on the line between the second and third 12 sections, which caused the problem. This line is used for the convenience of players who can’t reach the Single and Double zero sections at the end of the table, nearest the wheel. They place their chips on the center of the line to indicate a split bet of the 0-00.

It is understood that they don’t mean it as a bet on either of the 12 sections into whose territory it encroaches.  This lady, however, had intent. She dropped her chips over the line carelessly so that if the 0 or 00 hit she could claim a 17 to 1 payoff; if the 12 section hit, she wanted 2 to 1 for her money. The dealer was watching for this, and ascertained which bet she meant to play. The dealer then lined up her chips accordingly. The dealer had done this at least once before.

You can guess what happened; the dealer had momentarily looked the other way when the Double zero hit. She wanted her 17 to 1 payoff. The dealer was obviously angry because he had been taken advantage of. The chips looked to me to be 85% in the Section 12 territory. The game stopped. The Pit Boss was summoned to the table. People hearing the dispute, started to gather around to see what would happen.

After eyeing the bet with everyone watching, the Pit Boss announced “I am going to pay this bet”. I thought this was a smart move, to keep the peace. He then said to the woman “you cannot make this bet again tonight.” He told the dealer to pay out $ 510 which was her winning bet at 17 to 1. 

The lady asked the dealer to “color up her chips”. She had done her dirty work for this session and was getting out. As the dealer was giving her the chips, I said quietly to the Pit Boss “ that’s the first time I saw a 2 to 1 bet get paid at 17 to 1”. He told me she had played in their casino before, and that the house would probably have that money back soon enough. 

My wife and I went back to our room. That night it bothered me that a casino would have to prohibit a player from making a certain bet on the table. I knew there was something wrong. I went home after the Wedding and thought I could solve the problem. With a little research, I was amazed to learn this problem has been known to the casinos for over a half century. No one tried to correct it. The casinos “fix” was to use the existing dividing line between the second and third 12 sections. This bet only made the casino vulnerable to cheaters, not to mention stopping the players from betting the zeros straight up. I created a roulette layout where the players can reach the zeros from wherever their position is at the table.

The casino never has to be placed in a situation like that again, if they use the E-Z Reach Roulette table layout. Problem solved! 

Humble Beginnings

After a lengthy process of obtaining patents and trademarks, it was time to put E-Z Reach Roulette to the test. Our founder partnered with the historical El Cortez Hotel & Casino.

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