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This Modern Layout can Best be Described as Follows:

E-Z Reach Roulette layout

E-Z Reach Roulette is the first "balanced" Roulette layout in the 200+ years of the game. Players are within reach of the wagers they want to make.

The "unmarked or hidden" bet to wager on the 0 or 00 between the 2nd and 3rd dozens is no longer needed.

Casino owners and players both benefit since six (6) additional betting spots have been created.

Some handicapped players will find this layout easier to use. The E-Z Reach Roulette layout could also help the casinos better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Old Layout vs. E-Z Reach Roulette

Old versus new roulette layout

Patented and Trademarked


Additional Information


This information will help answer any questions you might have. The patented E-Z Reach Roulette table layout is the first "balanced" layout. 

Many players believe the zeros represent the houses edge and want to bet with the house. Since players at the far end of the table cannot reach the zeros, they must rely on the dealer for assistance. This slows down the game and the house gets less spins per hour.

Many players do not know the house has a "hidden or unmarked" bet between the second and third dozens, to bet the zeros. A bet that is unknown or unseen will not be made, costing the casino money. Even if some players do know how to make this bet, the house only allows a split bet. This is also costing the casino money because this bet does not permit the player to make the bets straight up. With the E-Z Reach Roulette layout the casino benefits by having six (6) more places for the players to put their money on the 0 00 layout. 

Players can split the zeros, or bet them straight up each at 35 to 1. Making the zeros accessible to all players gives the players an incentive to make the bet. Since roulette is a negative expectation game to the player, it behooves the casino to have as much money on the table at any given time. Making the zeros accessible to all players regardless of where their position is at the table benefits the casino. A bet that is easy to make "calling" to the player and within reach of the player is one they will make over and over again.  The layout each customer receives will be custom made, and fit to the size of their tables. 

Layout Available in both Right-hand, and Left-hand Configurations.

Layout Available in both Right-hand, and Left-hand Configurations.

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